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Show Me the Wisdom of the World

I am an amateur writer with an unfortunate lazy streak; at some point, I hope to overcome that laziness and write a book worth reading. Other than that, I am an Atheist and a Communist. This blog, however, will revolve primarily around Mother and Touhou.

Any artwork featured here does not belong to me. You'll know my art when you see it.

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Jul 22 '14

Palestine (1947-2012), plus who recognises its existence.CLICK HERE FOR MORE MAPS!


Palestine (1947-2012), plus who recognises its existence.

Jul 17 '14

Picture One:

Picture Two:

Picture Three:

Jul 6 '14
Jul 4 '14

I play games about teen psychics, so it’s different.

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Jul 2 '14

You know, all this shit about aliens might start conspiracies.

Please continue.

Jul 2 '14

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Jul 2 '14

"Hello! How are you? Just making small talk, like ordinary humans do."

Tumblr, will you marry me?

Jun 28 '14


“why don’t poor people just get a job?”


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Jun 27 '14


Jun 24 '14