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I am an amateur writer with an unfortunate lazy streak; at some point, I hope to overcome that laziness and write a book worth reading. Other than that, I am an Atheist and a Communist. This blog, however, will revolve primarily around Mother and Touhou.

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Jul 28 '14


Today is the Mother series’ 25th anniversary.

EarthBound (Mother 2) and Mother 3 are a couple of my favorite games and it’s one of the often forgotten franchises from Nintendo. While it isn’t quite as popular as Mario or Zelda, or even Metroid or StarFox, it still has one of the most dedicated and passionate fanbases of any video game franchise. So much so that when it was discovered that Mother 3 would probably never release in the states, the fans decided to translate the game so people could enjoy it. They did the same for Mother 1, titling it “EarthBound Zero”

These games are RPGs but unlike most where you’re in a fantasy world, they have a contemporary setting. It has ridiculous dialogue and some surprisingly touching and emotional scenes. While the battle system in these games may be a turn off to some since it’s so simple, others will appreciate it’s streamlined design.

There’s just something about these games that has made me feel such a feeling that I have really yet to feel in any other game. I’m not really sure what to call it. It’s not really nostalgia because I never had EarthBound as a kid, and I honestly never thought the games looked all that interesting, but after going through EarthBound and Mother 3 I felt so different playing them. It’s not really anything I can put into just a few words, they are a couple of greatest, weirdest, most emotional, interesting, and fun experiences I’ve ever had with a game.

If you haven’t played these games and you like RPGs or weird, quirky games, then definitely try these out. I have yet to play the first Mother since it was never released here and I played EarthBound first, but you can get a reproduction NES cartridge that has the game translated to english. I plan on ordering one sometime next week to play it.

Right now it’s very hard to get a true physical copy of EarthBound, since the retro collecting scene has sort of exploded in the past few years making it very expensive to own, but you can get it on the Wii U’s virtual console.

Mother 3 is the same story as Mother 1. It was never released in the US, but people have made reproduction cartridges for it. These are more expensive though. I’m assuming because reproduction GBA cartridges are a bit harder to make.

Or you can go the easy route and play them all on emulators, which I wouldn’t blame you, I did the same because I was so curious about the games back in 2009/2010.

Either way, if you choose to play them, enjoy the Mother franchise’s 25th anniversary!

Is Ness or Lucas confirmed for Smash yet?

Jul 28 '14
Jul 28 '14
Jul 22 '14

Palestine (1947-2012), plus who recognises its existence.CLICK HERE FOR MORE MAPS!


Palestine (1947-2012), plus who recognises its existence.

Jul 17 '14

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Jul 6 '14
Jul 4 '14

I play games about teen psychics, so it’s different.

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Jul 2 '14

You know, all this shit about aliens might start conspiracies.

Please continue.

Jul 2 '14

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Jul 2 '14

"Hello! How are you? Just making small talk, like ordinary humans do."

Tumblr, will you marry me?